Compliance & Operations Software for Senior Care Communities

Safety + Compliance.

The pandemic has increased the urgency for more vigilant and organized efforts around infection control, compliance protocols, and risk management - all in service of a safer environment for residents and staff.

Faster + More Complete.

TrustPlace digitally standardizes, tracks, and facilitates your standard operations (Non-EHR), replacing paper and other outdated, inefficient systems. Operationalize CDC guidelines and state regulations for assisted living, skilled nursing, memory care, or at-home care so that your staff has all the right information to perform their best.

It's time for your Senior Care Community to give operations management and frontline workers the best tools possible.

Get the free guide: "Using Digital Tools to Improve Compliance & Operations in Senior Care Communities".
We'll show you how we can help staff at all levels become more effective and compliant:

  • Frontline Managers. Assign tasks and checklists to your team so important tasks are not missed
  • Frontline Staff. Access standardized procedures, policies, CDC guidelines, and work instructions in an easy-to-use platform, on a mobile device
  • Operations Leadership. Provide remote visibility into activities, digital logs of all operational tasks, and the ability to enact systemwide updates to all of your communities

Guide Contents

  • Reduce Miscommunication of Important Guidelines. Let the staff know about any new safety guidelines, such as those involving PPE, via a mobile app.
  • Reinforce Important Procedures. Ensure employees know what to do, how to do it, and when to do it for various procedures, including reporting.
  • Shortage of Staffing Issues. TrustPlace provides efficient ways to assign a non-standard task with detailed instructions to employees to make up for any staff shortages.
  • Infection Control Implementation. Have detailed infection control plans readily accessible to managers to implement any changing guidelines, and visibility to frontline employees to execute safety guidelines for compliance.
  • Remote Visibility. Senior Care Administrators need to know the operating conditions on the ground 24/7. TrustPlace is a digital solution that provides a high level of remote visibility to respond to change conditions and guidelines.
  • Quality Control. The risks presented by COVID-19 emphasizes procedure correctness and completeness. Get electronic documentation of what was done, over the course of a time period, to make sure it is up to the standard the organization has implemented.
  • Health and Safety Compliance. Assisted Living staff have changing and new responsibilities to ensure a facility is compliant with Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and State guidelines to welcome visitors, onboard new residents, and keep the workplace as safe as possible.  

Intelligent Frontline Operations


Infection Control

Ensure infections protocols are being followed properly by creating procedures and delegating them to the appropriate staff


Corporate Oversight

Ensure staff and communities are being held accountable for all responsibilities by having realtime visibility across your entire portfolio.


Resident Care

Ensure proper steps are being taken when residents mention they feel as though they have been mistreated by launching an event which puts state mandated procedures into motion.


Dining Protocol

Ensure proper opening and closing of dining areas are being taken by providing your employees with a digital checklist with all up-to-date information.


Facility Maintenance

Ensure HVAC unit filters are being properly maintained by providing digital support in the form of reference cards.


Housekeeping Protocol

Ensure cleaning inspections go as smoothly as possible by creating reoccurring checklists to certify compliance.

Value Proposition for Senior Care Leadership

  • Standardize infection control procedures being sent out so there is a reduced chance of miscommunication or misunderstandings when it gets to the front line
  • Remote visibility into all protocols and tasks being completed (dining, housekeeping, resident care, maintenance, plant operations)
  • Dashboards and Insights to view all of your communities

Value Proposition for Senior Care Staff

  • Front line staff want to know what to do with clear direction and understanding so they are providing the best possible care for the residents
  • Don't have to search through emails or look through binders to find important info, easily indexed for search so your staff can get the information right when they need it
  • Leverage mobile technology to provide the most up-to-date training materials (videos, photos, work instructions, guides) at staff's fingertips so that tasks are being done correctly, all the time.



Streamline Procedure Roll Out


Focus and Alignment


Training Extension


Digital Checklists